Jinjiang Airport Guide to Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport (JJN)

Jinjiang Airport Bus

At Jinjiang Airport there are the following bus options: 

City bus


It goes through Quanzhou Airport, Middle Heping Road, ANTA Qroup, Huazhou Fruit Market, Quanzhou Bus Station, East Street, Licheng Branch of the 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University. 

Service hours: 06:40 – 21:30 from the airport, 06:10 – 21:00 from the hospital. Frequency every 8 to 10 minutes. 

Fare is between CNY 1-4. 


It covers the route at Yungu City Bus Station, People’s Hospital, South Citong Road, North Quan’an Road, Century Avenue, Middle Heping Road (Airport Road Junction), South Heping Road, Jinjiang SM City

Service hours: From 06:00 to 22:05 from the city bus station, 06:50 – 22:40 from SM City. Frequency every 8 to 15 minutes.

Fare is between CNY 1-3.


Route goes through Quanzhou Railway Station, East Beiqing Road, Detai Road (Xiangongshan Park), Heping Road (Airport Road Junction), Shiquan Road (Xinqiao Middle School), Shishi Clothing City, Shishi Fuzhuangcheng Bus Station.

It works from 06:30 to 19:10 from the train station, 06:30 – 19:00 from the bus station. Frequency every 15-30 minutes. Fare is between CNY 1-7.5 

Other city bus routes: Jinjiang no. 21, Jinjiang no. 23, Jinjiang no. 28 and Jinjiang no. 30.


 To Shishi

From the Airport to Shishi Aile Crown Holiday Hotel. There are buses during all day. It is free. 

To Putian

From the Airport to Putian Bus Station. 

Starts at 07:30 until 18:15. Fare is CNY 34.