Jinjiang Airport Guide to Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport (JJN)

West Air (China) - Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport (JJN)

West Air (China)


Jijiang Airport Terminals is a modern and large one, where there are a couple of concourses, the Domestic and the International also named as Domestic Terminal and International Terminal. Domestic and International terminals are connected through a people mover even they are connected terminal building. Both terminals are split into arrivals and departures areas. Check-in is available at the departures area.

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In order to check in for your flight at Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport (JJN), go to departures hall in the main building terminal, or follow the instructions provided in your ticket.

General Information

- IATA Code: PN
- Website: www.westair.cn/portal/

Destinations Served

West Air (China) only serves two destination from Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport (JJN):

- Chongqing (CKG): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
- Changsha (CSX): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

The information provided above does not include details about seasonal flights that are not currently being served at this moment, which means that only the flights currently in operation are covered in the information provided.