Jinjiang Airport Guide to Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport (JJN)

Jinjiang Airport Services

We know that when waiting for a flight at any airport it is necessary to have at your disposal services and amenities not only to help you pass time, also to amuse your experience at the airport.

Jinjiang Airport is equipped with basic, essential services and amenities such as food, drink and retail concessions, duty free stores, mobile charging areas, business center, and other ones to make the most of your stay in JJN Airport.

See some of the available services and amenities at Jinjiang Airport:


There is free Wi-Fi available at Jinjiang Airport. Wi-Fi is accessible through both laptops and smartphones - Just log in at "Pub.U@Qzair.com" and enjoy of free Wi-Fi!

 Medical Center

There is a medical aid station at the International Terminal, in the first level, right in the left side of the Joint Inspection Hall.

For more information, please contact at +86 0595-85628120 (24x7 hotline).

Airport enquiries

For any enquiry regarding Jinjiang Airport facilities, flight information, transportation, etc. please call at +86 0595 85628988.


- Restaurants and cafés
- ATMs
- Shops
- Duty Free
- Baby Care Rooms
- Luggage Carts
- Mobile Charging Area
- Business center
- Lost and Found
- Children Area
- Toilets


Xiamen Air First Class Lounge: Domestic Terminal. Open from 05:30 am to last departure. Services: Wi-Fi, food, snacks.

First Class Lounge: Domestic Terminal. From first departure until last departure. Services: Snacks, Wi-Fi, Internet, TV, newspapers and magazines. 

First Class Lounge: International Terminal. From first departure to the last departure. Services: Snacks, Wi-Fi, newspapers, Internet Terminals, TV.