Jinjiang Airport Guide to Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport (JJN)

Jinjiang Airport Taxi

Taking a taxi at Jinjiang Airport is the best option to transfer safe and sound to the city centre. In case of carrying large baggage is the suitable option to avoid hassle and gain comfort.

Travel time from Jinjiang Airport to the city centre by taxi is about 30 minutes. 


Taxis are available outside the Domestic Terminal Arrivals area.

Taxi companies

See some of the available taxi companies at Jinjiang Airport:

Quanzhou Fengze Taxi Association: +86 595 2481859

Quanzhou Taxi Operating Group: +86 595 2588420

Quanzhou Taxi Association: +86 595 2588103

In case of complaint, you can call at +86 595 22599110.

Service hours: 24/7.


Check as follows the estimated taxi fares at Jinjiang Airport: 

- Downtown Quanzhou: CNY 50
- Quanzhou Railway Station: CNY 40-50
- East Railway Station: CNY 40
- Kaiyuan Temple: CNY 30-35
- Qinqjing Mosque: CNY 30 
- Heavenly Empress Palace: CNY 30
- Luoyang Bridge: CNY 50-60
- Mt. Quingyuan Scenic Area: CNY 40

Prices are subject to change. 


The local rideshare app DiDi offers service from Jinjiang Airport to the city centre.